Tackling Road Menace : Eknath Shinde’s Move to Make Reckless Driving Non-Bailable

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The Maharashtra government, led by Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, is taking steps to crack down on reckless drivers in the state. In a review meeting, Chief Minister Shinde emphasized the need for strict legal measures to prevent accidents caused by negligent drivers of public transport services.

The meeting, held at Sahyadri Guest House, was attended by high-ranking officials, including Director General of Police Rajnish Seth and Commissioner of Transport Vivek Bhimanwar. 

The proposal discussed in the meeting was to classify reckless driving on public roads as a non-bailable offence. This would allow for more effective action against drivers involved in accidents that result in the loss of lives.

The Home Department, responsible for proposing the legislation, highlighted the alarming number of accidents caused by speeding in 2021, resulting in nearly 10,000 deaths. To address this issue, the proposed legislation aims to bring drivers operating without a license and those driving under the influence of alcohol under its purview. Amendments to existing laws would be required to implement these changes.

During the meeting, Chief Minister Shinde also sought updates on measures being taken to prevent accidents on specific highways, such as the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and Samriddhi Highway. This demonstrates the government’s commitment to ensuring road safety in the state of Maharashtra.

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