Teacher dancing to item song inside classroom sparks debate, Watch Video

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A video circulating on social media depicting a university teacher dancing to an item song in a classroom has stirred controversy and debate among online users. 

The footage, capturing the teacher identified as Rashmi dancing energetically to the beats of ‘Kajra Re’ has garnered significant attention and diverse reactions.

A student wrote back, “she’s my teacher and she is pretty good at what she does, she makes the class fun. it was her birthday and the class had organised a small celebration for her, all this was fun but to put this under a negative light and+”

While some online commentators expressed discomfort and disapproval, deeming the behavior inappropriate for an academic setting, others commended the teacher’s dance skills. 

“We got your point. But still its unimaginable for us (90s kids)”

The video, which has accumulated over six lakh views, has become a focal point of discussion, with contrasting viewpoints emerging regarding the acceptability of such actions in a classroom environment.

Despite claims suggesting the incident occurred at Christ University in Bengaluru, its authenticity remains unverified. Nonetheless, the video has sparked a broader conversation about professionalism and appropriate conduct within educational institutions.

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