The Poona Club Squash Open and PSA Challenger Tour Finals Await After Intense Semi-Final Matches

The Poona Club Squash Open and PSA Challenger Tour Finals Await After Intense Semi-Final Matches

The Poona Club Squash Open and PSA Challenger Tour Finals Await After Intense Semi-Final Matches

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Pune, India – May 13, 2024 – Following a week filled with exhilarating matches across 21 categories, The Poona Club Squash Open and PSA Challenger Tour have reached a pivotal moment as the finals await, promising an electrifying conclusion to this prestigious tournament.

Since May 8th, a total of 707 players, both domestic and international, have showcased their skills and determination on the squash courts of Pune, competing across various categories in a display of athleticism and sportsmanship. The tournament also saw over 70 participants from tribal regions competing in the junior categories.

In addition to the Men’s and Women’s categories, players have competed in a diverse range of divisions, highlighting the inclusivity and depth of talent present at The Poona Club Squash Open. From junior categories to masters divisions, the tournament has provided a platform for players of all ages and skill levels to participate and excel.

In the Men’s category, the semi-finalists include some of India’s top-ranked players such as Om Semwal (India no. 7), Suraj Chand (India no. 6), Diwakar Singh (India no. 9) and Ranjit Singh (India no. 32) each demonstrating their prowess on the squash court. On the PSA (Professional Squash Association) Men’s side, the semi-finalists boast impressive world rankings, with Ravindu Laksiri (world ranking 138), Diwakar Singh (World Ranking 841), S. Wakeel (world ranking 234), Suraj Chand (world ranking 172) showcasing their skills and determination to climb higher in the rankings.

Meanwhile, in the Women’s category, Ananya Pandey (India no. 17), Sunita Patel (India no. 7), Rani Guta (India no. 24) and Aradhya Porwal (India no. 21) have emerged as formidable competitors, each bringing their unique strengths to the semi-finals. In the PSA Women’s category, Anjali Semwal (world ranking 236) Diya Yadav (world ranking 448) Sunita Patel (world ranking 229) and Urvashi Joshi, are set to battle it out, with each player aiming to make their mark on the international stage.

Mr. Gaurav Gadhoke, Vice President, The Poona Club and Tournament Chairman, expressed his admiration for the players, stating, “The semi-final matches have been a testament to the dedication and passion of squash enthusiasts. We have witnessed remarkable performances from players across all categories, further solidifying the reputation of The Poona Club Squash Open as a premier squash event.”

As the tournament enters its final day, anticipation is palpable as squash enthusiasts eagerly await the crowning of champions in each category. The finals promise to deliver thrilling matches as players leave everything on the court in pursuit of glory and recognition.

Spectators both locally and globally can tune in to the SRFI YouTube channel to catch all the action live, ensuring that fans from around the world can be part of the excitement as the champions are crowned.

The Poona Club Ltd extends its gratitude to all its sponsors – Brham, Atur India, Garware and Elica and its venue partners – Ath Elite Sports Club, The Residency Club, The Westin Pune Koregaon Park and RSI Pune for their relentless support. Last but not the least, a special thanks to The Ruby Hall clinic for proving timely medical support in form of their team of skilled physiotherapists and ambulances.

With the finals on the horizon, the stage is set for a memorable conclusion to The Poona Club Squash Open and PSA Challenger Tour.


Below are the category wise semi-finalists

Serial No.CategorySemi-Finalists
1.PSA MenSemifinal 1- Ravindu Laksiri & Diwakar Singh, Finalist- Ravindu Laksiri and Semifinal 2 – Shamil Wakeel & Suraj Kumar Chand, Finalist- Suraj Kumar Chand 
2.PSA WomenSemifinal 1- Urwashi Joshi & Anjali Semwal, Finalist- Urwashi Joshi and Semifinal 2 – Diya Yadav & Sunita Patel, Finalist- Diya Yadav
3.Men’s OpenSuraj Chand & Om Semwal, Finalist- Suraj Chand and Semifinal 2 – Diwakar Singh & Ranjit Singh, Finalist- Diwakar Singh
4.Women’s OpenSemifinal 1- Sunita Patel & Rani Gupta, Finalist- Sunita Patel and Semifinal 2 – Aradhya Porwal & Ananya Pandey, Finalist- Aradhya Porwal
5.Girls under 11Semifinal 1- Shanaya Parasrampuria & Alia Kankaria, Finalist- Shanaya Parasrampuria and Semifinal 2 – Aarna Pandey & Aadhya Grover, Finalist- Aadhya Grover
6.Girls under 13Semifinal 1- Anika Kalanki & Nehmat Nayar, Finalist- Anika Kalanki and Semifinal 2 – Aarna Dwivedi & Vasundhra Nangare, Finalist- Aarna Dwivedi
7.Girls under 15Semifinal 1- Aarika Mishra & Aashna Singh, Finalist- Aarika Mishra and Semifinal 2 – D. Nityasree & Saanvi Kalanki, Finalist- Saanvi Kalanki
8.Girls under 17Semifinal 1- Chavi Saran & Eesha Shrivastava, Finalist- Eesha Shrivastava and Semifinal 2 – Ananya Narayanan & Karina Phipps, Finalist- Karina Phipps
9.Girls under 19Semifinal 1- Rudra Singh & Yashi Jain, Finalist- Rudra Singh and Semifinal 2 – Khushi Jaspal & Shameena Riaz, Finalist- Shameena Riaz
10.Boys under 11Semifinal 1- Dhairya Gogia & Mohammed Toheedtanveer, Finalist- Dhairya Gogia and Semifinal 2 – Rishabh Shyam & Thanuj Reddy Puli, Finalist- Thanuj Reddy Puli
11.Boys under 13Semifinal 1- Dhruv Bopana & Advit Taneja, Finalist- Dhruv Bopana and Semifinal 2 – Dhruv Johri & Fareed Andrabi, Finalist- Fareed Andrabi
12.Boys under 15Semifinal 1- Hridhaan Shah & Harshal Rana, Finalist- Hridhaan Shah and Semifinal 2 – Shreyansh Jha & Agastya Bansal, Finalist- Agastya Bansal
13.Boys under 17Semifinal 1- Dev Sharma & Purav Rambhia, Finalist- Dev Sharma and Semifinal 2 – Priyaan Thakker & Shiven Agarwal, Finalist- Shiven Agarwal
14.Boys under 19Semifinal 1- Siddhant Rewari & Priyanshu Kumar, Finalist- Priyanshu Kumar and Semifinal 2 – Udit Mishra & Adeev Devaiah, Finalist- Udit Mishra
15.Men over 35Semifinal 1- Arjun Agnihotri & Sahaj Gulati, Finalist- Arjun Agnihotri and Semifinal 2 – Sandeep Jangra & Prateek Chalia, Finalist- Sandeep Jangra
16.Men over 40Semifinal 1- Sanjay Pawar & Sandeep Subramanya, Finalist- Sanjay Pawar and Semifinal 2 – Abishek Laxminarayan & Paul Ipe, Finalist – Paul Ipe
17.Men over 45Semifinal 1- Hemant Nadkarni & Benjamin Nedarpalli, Finalist- Benjamin Nedarpalli and Semifinal 2 – Ranvir Singh & Praveen Murthy, Finalist- Ranvir Singh
18.Men over 50Semifinal 1- Sanjay Rajpal & Amit Chinai, Finalist – Sanjay Rajpal and Semifinal 2 – Vikas Nayar & Yudhvir Katoch, Finalist- Vikas Nayar
19.Men over 55Semifinal 1- Raj Dubey & Pradeep Kumar Nair P, Finalist – Raj Dubey and Semifinal 2 – Jitendra Bagre & Inderjeet Singh, Finalist Inderjeet Singh
20.Men over 60 Semifinal 1- Deepak Moolani & Ashun Bhal, Finalist- Ashun Bhal and Semifinal 2 – Ajay Kohli & Sriram Rao, Finalist – Ajay Kohli
21.Men over 65Semifinal 1- Vijay Jaini & Shashi Gupta, Finalist- Vijay Jaini and Semifinal 2 – Kishan Lal & Lalit Kumar Agnihotri, Finalist – Kishan Lal