Top 10 Google search: Surge in searches related to Lord Rama, Ayodhya highest 

Top 10 Google search: Surge in searches related to Lord Rama, Ayodhya highest
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On Monday, the consecration ceremony of the Ram Lalla idol took place in Ayodhya, creating an atmosphere of immense joy, devotion, and celebration across the country. 

Ayodhya resonated with the fervor of devotees, witnessing numerous events narrating the epic of Lord Rama. In the past 24 hours, there has been a significant surge in Google searches related to Lord Rama, with only topics related to the Ram Temple and anecdotes of Ram Lalla appearing in the top ten searches. 

Consequently, this has propelled all trending activities to be dominated by discussions around Lord Rama, showcasing PM Modi, as the first trending result.

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