Turning passion into a hobby; momma knows it well

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Covid19 pandemic brought a 360 degree turn among many lives. Homemakers got much time to pursue their hobbies as they got free time from their otherwise busy schedule. Mommies took this golden opportunity and turned their passion into their hobby and further into a full time business.

Pune Pulse spotted some interesting avenues where these homemakers have made their mark in just a few months.

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Akanksha Dharmani spoke to the top 3 quintessential little labels making some big noise on Social Media with their impressive #grammable desserts.

‘Healthy and handmade with love’ is an anthem these mommies swear by. Some are 50 and totally set to sweep you off your feet!

The Fudge Studio by Janu Lulla

Making some luscious rich, gourmet fudge jars heartily topped with the best quality nuts. Oozing goodness of love, this fudge takes you to a little trip to heaven with every bite. Absolutely a no miss. Handmade with love and care this passionate mommy is a pro and has sold almost 100 kg till now! Made in three flavours – Chocolate Walnut Fudge, Milk Chocolate Walnut Fudge and Peanut Butter Chocolate Walnut Fudge cutely packaged in reusable glass jars are definitely a must-try this monsoon season.

She shares that her kids and their friend motivated her to start the venture and so far she loves the journey. “With ample time in hand, lockdown is a blessing in disguise. I am very happy with the way, ‘The Fudge Studio Pune’ is coming along. I aim to keep my personal touch intact and don’t foresee commercializing it ever.” With a shelf life of three weeks, these Fudge Jars make a perfect gift to share with your loved ones. Their Instagram page resonates with mommy Janu Lulla’s happy, cheerful self!

With no added sugar it totally makes it a – “Let’s dive deep into guilt-free indulgence”. I can totally imagine licking my jar clean while I watch the rain pour sitting by my window… living heaven already!

Link: https://www.instagram.com/thefudgestudiopune/

Sugar Love At Bubzy Bake House by Meenaz Kaushal

Miss vacationing in France with a hat on your head, meringue on your lips and coffee in your hand? Mommy Meenaz has got your back with her dreamy macaroons in flavours like Rose, Pistachio, Blueberry; cupcakes dressed in homemade meringue and couture looking french desserts. Experience a culinary trip to France.

A former professional turned passionate baker, Meenaz Kaushal is one of the top 10 bakers in Pune city. Showcasing an extensive menu, mommy Meenaz needs you to place an order with her a day in advance!
Bring home your cafè et dessert!

Link: https://instagram.com/sugarlove.at.bubzys.bakehouse

Live A Little, Treats by Radhika Gugle Shetty

“Let’s Celebrate The American Way, Hearty Indulgence”
Just like the name suggests… Live a little makes wholesome, rich, heartwarming, multilayered sinful desserts, every bite is like slipping into oozing flavours in your mouth. Replacing frost with cream cheese this mommy is all for ‘dessert feast’. Growing up in her best friends kitchen, liking the bowls and breathing warm cookies. Radhika Gugle Shetty is a passionate, self-learned baker. Just like Janu Lulla, Radhika too turned her hobby into a little homegrown venture. Mothering two daughters who inspire her to keep creating magic in the kitchen, this mommy loves feeding her friends and family. “Menu is limiting, I like to go an extra mile and create a dessert that reflects my client’s personality.” Although, her Eclairs, signature Cinnabons and Cookies remain an all-time staple.

The no-compromise mommy uses finest of ingredients, loaded with butter, making some truly sinful American desserts, she is not a big fan of French desserts. We couldn’t stop drooling, imagining the soul-satisfying, fresh desserts as she spoke to us, narrating every detail like a dessert tale.

Link: https://www.instagram.com/live_alittletreats/

If you are as eager as us to try these heart-warming and soulful desserts by these mommies hit them up on Gram! For they are #supersavvy!

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