Ujjwal Park residents raise health concern over rampant burning

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For the last few months, rampant burning on the open space next to Ujjwal Park on NIBM road in Kondhwa has raised severe health concerns among the residents.

With numerous help calls gone on deaf ears, the residents of Ujjwal Park on NIBM road recently met ex MLA and Shiv Sena’s senior leader Mahadev Babar, NIBM road’s ex Corporator Tanaji Lonkar, Aai Pratishthan’s Prasad Mahadev Babar and raised several other issues from the area too.

The residents said that every day they inhale toxic smell emitting from the garbage which is set on fire. This patch of the road needs cleaning from PMC which is not been the case. Despite setting up reminders, Pune Municipal Corporation has turned a blind eye, complained the residents.

The residents also raised other issues such as lack of nala cleaning, health and hygiene issues, safety and security of the residents and many other issues.

Ujjwala Park Nala remains filthy; lacks cleaning from PMC

Mahadev Babar, ex MLa, Shivsena, Hadapsar Legislative Assembly who chaired the meeting said, “The residents have been living with toxic smell for the last few months. Despite raising the matter to the concerned authorities, it has not been resolved. Every year, nala water emits foul smell too. It is not cleaned regularly, which results in mosquitoes. A major health concern majorly during the monsoon. We shall now take up these issues with the Pune Municipal Corporation and resolve them.”

The residents also shared other issues of stray animals causing congestion on busy NIBM road. “Stray animals are causing a big nuisance on the roads, which are causing traffic congestion during wee hours,” informed Tanaji Lonkar.

The meeting was attended by Mahadev Babar, Prasad Mahadev Babar, Tanaji Lonkar, society’s secretary Surendra Neel, Petlatwala, Vaibhav Gadade, Rahul Ratnaparkhi, Ravi Malhotra, Bharat Shendkar and Nibhash Parekh.

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