Shivsena in Kondhwa protests against illegal dumping on NIBM road

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Rampant burning of waste on the open plot besides nala near Ujjwal Park society is raising health concerns for the local residents.

Former MLA Hadapsar Constituency and senior Shiv Sena leader Mahadev Babar, ex Shiv Sena Corporator Tanaji Lonkar, Rajendra Babar and Prasad Mahadev Babar held protest against the lackadaisical attitude towards hygiene and sanitation of the local residents, mainly near Ujjwal Park society on NIBM road.

Speaking about the protest, Babar said, “The residents mainly living around the nala on NIBM road are facing severe health issues due to lack of maintenance and cleanliness of nala and surrounding area. Residents of Ujjwal Park society on NIBM road are having a tough time due to unclean nala and its surroundings. The open space next to the nala has become a dumping spot which is set on fire. The toxic fumes emitting from this garbage is affecting the health of the citizens. Despite sending reminders, the civic authorities are not showing interest and resolving it permanently. Hence, today we decided to clean it up with our own expenses. I have deployed one JCB and a dumper which will clean the spot in the coming few days”.

Former NIBM road Corporator Tanaji Lonkar said, “The local residents are in great trouble due to the mosquito menace caused by the unclean nala. There are certain vehicles which are regularly dumping waste on the open space. Since, they had raised this issue with the local representatives, they never got satisfactory response. Since they approached us to resolve it, we decided to use our machinery at our own expense and solve their problem. the JCB will now clear the plot. We urge to the local residents to raise their voice against injustice caused to them.”

A letter to resolve the issue was handed over to health department official after the protest.

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