Mega cleanliness drive held in Wanowrie

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Members of NIBM Undri Road Residents Forum, Adar Poonawala Clean City Initiative, Swach and health department staff of Pune Municipal Corporation’s Wanawadi Ramtekdi Ward office and Pune Waste Warriors on Saturday, July 31, 2021 participated in a mega cleanliness drive.

The cleanliness drive started from Kedari Nagar and ended at Nancy Tower chowk. The drive was greatly supported by several members of the sweeping staff from Wanawadi Ramtekdi Ward office’s Prabhag 25, Adar Poonawala Clean City Initiative and Swach.

Parveen Tambe from NIBM Undri Road Residents Forum said, “Though we are not residents of Wanowrie, we decided to take up the cleanliness of several chronic spots from the area. We spoke to the local corporator and ensured that we just not only complain but also work with the PMC staff. We have also asked PMC and local Corporators Prashant Jagtap and Ratnaprabha Jagtap to ensure that violators throwing garbage in open areas are fined and also ensure that house to house pick of segregated waste happens strictly.”

Maithily Manakwad from Wanawadi Residents Forum said, “The chronic spots which are mainly littered in Wanowrie are owned by private owners who have given their spaces to people on lease. It is their duty to keep the places clean too. It is not PMC’s job to keep private plots clean. Though we are happy that finally some change is seen, there is a long way to go. there are several milestones still remain to be achieved as even though we are cleaning the areas, we are not aware where is this waste going to be dumped as PMC’s waste management projects are in shambles.”

Local Corporators of Prabhag 25, Prashant Jagtap and Ratnaprabha Jagtap who attended the drive said that he will ensure that every week such mega cleanliness drives will be held at several chronic spots in the Prabhag. He further assured that the PMC’s ward office will also ensure that strict action against those dumping on open spaces shall be punished.

The drive saw presence of Sham Taru, assistant commissioner, Wanawadi Ramtekdi Ward office, Czarina Bhojwani, Nergesh F, Vandana Chhatpar, Maithili Manakwad, Prafful Jambhulkar, Sandeep Jagtap, Seema Pujari, Pradeep Raut, Sutar and other staff of PMC.

To see the video of the clean up drive :

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