Undercover IAS officer disguises herself as a patient for a surprise hospital check. What did she find?

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IAS officer Krati Raj conducted a surprise inspection at a government health center in Uttar Pradesh’s Firozabad by disguising herself as a patient, wearing a veil to conceal her identity. 

During her visit to the Dida Mai health center, Raj discovered various discrepancies, including expired medicines at the pharmacy, absentee employees marked present, poor cleanliness and hygiene standards, and improper administration of injections to patients. 

Even while disguised, Raj interacted with the doctor and found his behavior to be unsuitable, particularly regarding the absence of timely administration of injections for dog bites. Expressing her concern, Raj stated, “Half the medicines were expired, cleanliness was also not maintained.” She emphasized the need for public service-oriented work ethics and initiated an investigation into the reported complaints. 

A video shared by news agency, captured Raj reprimanding the health center’s employees for stocking expired medicines. 

However, the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Rambadan Ram, refuted the allegations of expired medicines being given to patients, citing an inspection conducted at the center. Dr. Ram clarified that medicines with expiry dates in March and April 2024 were segregated and earmarked for disposal, indicating a possible misunderstanding during the inspection regarding the storage of medicines.

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