“Unexpected Joy”: Nitin Gadkari Shares Heartwarming Video of Granddaughters’ Visit

"Unexpected Joy": Nitin Gadkari Shares Heartwarming Video of Granddaughters' Visit

"Unexpected Joy": Nitin Gadkari Shares Heartwarming Video of Granddaughters' Visit

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Senior BJP leader Nitin Gadkari shared a heartwarming video on Saturday, capturing a moment of unexpected joy as his granddaughters visited him.

The video, posted on X, shows Gadkari’s granddaughters and his wife, Kanchan Gadkari, stepping out of a vehicle and running towards the 66-year-old politician, who embraces them with delight.

The 55-second clip highlights Gadkari’s emotional reaction, as he hugs his granddaughters, visibly overjoyed by their surprise visit. “Unexpected joy.. granddaughters’ visit brightened my day,” Gadkari captioned the video.

Earlier this week, Gadkari secured a victory from the Nagpur Lok Sabha constituency for the third consecutive time, defeating his nearest Congress rival by a margin of 137,603 votes. Following the declaration of the 2024 Lok Sabha election results, Gadkari shared another video celebrating his win with his grandchildren and family members.

In his post-election remarks, Gadkari expressed gratitude to the people of Nagpur, party workers, and friends. He reaffirmed his commitment to transforming Nagpur into the most beautiful, clean, and pollution-free city in India.

Additionally, Gadkari emphasized his plans to prioritize industrialization in Nagpur and the larger Vidarbha region, aiming to create employment opportunities for the youth.