Goa’s Beaches Fall Silent as Pre-Monsoon Showers Arrive

Goa's Beaches Fall Silent as Pre-Monsoon Showers Arrive

Goa's Beaches Fall Silent as Pre-Monsoon Showers Arrive

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Panaji: The pre-monsoon showers have left Goa’s usually bustling beaches deserted. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) issued an ‘orange’ alert on Friday, predicting heavy rainfall over the next four days.

Despite the south-west monsoon yet to fully arrive, the coastal state has been experiencing rains since Friday. “This is the best time to be on the beaches. But it is not the right time to swim. One can go up to knee-deep water, but swimming is strictly prohibited,” said , a local fisherman from Benaulim beach.

Fisherman noted that the sea is rough, and fishing activities have halted. “There is an official ban on fishing using motorised vessels from June 1 to July 31. Traditional fishermen are allowed, but they also stay away from the sea during rough periods,” he explained.

Drishti Lifesaving Services, a state government-appointed lifeguard agency, has installed red flags along the coast, and their personnel are patrolling the beaches. The change in season has drastically reduced the number of tourists, leaving the beaches nearly empty.

“Goan beaches are cleaner during the monsoon. There are no shacks and no hurdles. You can walk freely on the beaches,” said a tourist from Mumbai visiting with his family.

Hotel tariffs drop significantly during the rainy season, making stays more affordable for tourists. A senior official from the state tourism department emphasized Goa’s aim to promote year-round tourism.

“There is no off-season in Goa. We want travellers to visit even during the rainy season. Goa is greener during the monsoon,” the official said.

The state is also focusing on regenerative tourism, highlighting its hinterlands. “People can visit beaches, but they can also spend more time exploring our hinterlands,” he added.