Upcoming 3 new Honda cars in India: A glimpse of future mobility

Upcoming 3 new Honda cars in India: A glimpse of future mobility

Upcoming 3 new Honda cars in India: A glimpse of future mobility

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Honda, a prominent player in the Indian automotive market, is gearing up to introduce three exciting new models, including two SUVs and one sedan, catering to the diverse needs of Indian consumers. Let’s delve into the anticipation surrounding these upcoming Honda vehicles.

1. Next-Gen Honda Amaze:

The highly popular Honda Amaze is set to undergo a transformative upgrade with the introduction of its next-generation model. Expected to debut around the festive season, this compact sedan will boast a fresh design inspired by contemporary Honda sedans. Drawing from the success of its predecessors, the new Amaze will retain its reliable 1.2-litre i-VTEC engine, delivering 90 bhp and 110 Nm of torque. With a choice between manual and CVT gearboxes, this sedan promises a refined driving experience coupled with enhanced aesthetics and interior features.

2. Honda Elevate EV:

In line with Honda’s commitment to sustainable mobility, the Elevate-based EV is poised to revolutionize the Indian electric vehicle market. Built on a modified version of the Elevate platform, this electric SUV represents Honda’s foray into the electric segment. With plans for export to international markets, including India, the Elevate EV underscores Honda’s dedication to environmentally friendly transportation solutions. Manufactured at the Tapukara facility, this model will rival upcoming electric SUVs while embodying Honda’s legacy of innovation and performance.

3. Honda’s New Compact SUV:

Honda is set to introduce a dynamic new compact SUV tailored to the preferences of Indian consumers. Positioned below the Elevate, this sub-4-meter SUV will compete with industry stalwarts like the Maruti Suzuki Brezza and Hyundai Venue. Expected to debut by the end of 2024, this SUV may adopt the WR-V moniker, reflecting Honda’s commitment to agility and versatility. Equipped with advanced safety features and powered by a robust 1.2-litre i-VTEC engine, this compact SUV promises a blend of power, efficiency, and modern design.

With these upcoming releases, Honda continues to push the boundaries of automotive innovation, offering Indian consumers a glimpse of the future of mobility with electric and compact SUV offerings that prioritize performance, sustainability, and driving pleasure.