Vimannagar Residents Plagued by Encroachments at Various Places

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The residents of Vimannagar are troubled & fed up by various encroachments since a long time, causing issues of walking etc.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Reeta Ghosh, Secretary of Queensland Society, Viman Nagar, said “We have this society in Vimannagar since the last 20 years. Many senior citizens live in the society who have a lot of constraints like crossing the road, walking etc. In such conditions, the hawkers putting their businesses & encroaching many spaces only makes matter worse for the citizens. There are several hawkers & vendors encroaching spaces since a long time. We have complained a lot of times to the PMC & several ex corporators in Viman Nagar but nothing has happened.”

Aarti Thakkar, Ex Chairman of Eden Garden Society, Viman Nagar, said “I have been living in Vimannagar for the past 25 years. Encroachments are just causing more and more menace here as, along with old roadside vendors, new vendors keep coming here & establish their businesses, further worsening the problem. Residents cannot walk due to these encroachments. Why common citizens have to suffer like this unnecessarily? PMC & relevant authorities must implement a concrete resolution to get rid of this issue once and for all.”

Shams Mithani, Resident of Ganga Nebula, Viman Nagar, said “This encroachment issue is there for a long time now. Now, the PMC must take concrete steps to resolve this like establishing an integrated Hawkers’ Zone where the hawkers & vendors can put their stalls & run their businesses. If there is a roadside food stall, it can be put in that zone so people can enjoy street food etc. By doing this, even the businesses will run as well as people will not feel any hardships or nuisance due to encroachment problem.”

The PMC had removed several encroachments in Vimannagar some days ago but hawkers keep installing their businesses again and again.

Sanjay Kumbhar, Encroachment Officer, PMC, said “Everyday, the PMC takes strict actions against encroachers. However, the encroachers simply pay fine & install their businesses again. Still, we are thinking of concrete solutions to resolve this once & for all.”

Shreyas Vange