Viral Video: Brawl Erupts Between Electricity Department Employee and Locals

Viral Video: Brawl Erupts Between Electricity Department Employee and Locals

Viral Video: Brawl Erupts Between Electricity Department Employee and Locals

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A video of a violent altercation between locals and an Assistant Engineer of the Electricity Department in Balotra, Rajasthan, has gone viral on social media, sparking widespread reactions. The incident reportedly revolves around issues related to electricity connections.

Frequent daytime electricity disconnections have become a contentious issue in many cities. These outages are typically not due to the personal whims of the electricity department but are linked to the limitations of electricity production and distribution capacities. Despite this, frustration over power cuts has led to several incidents of public anger directed at electricity department employees. The recent altercation in Balotra adds to this growing list.

The video, shared on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) by the handle ‘Navaya Election Management Company’, shows locals engaging in a physical fight with the Assistant Engineer. The exact cause of the brawl and who initiated it remains unclear, but the confrontation is reportedly over an electricity connection dispute. The specific date of the incident is also unconfirmed.

The post accompanying the video stated, “In Balotra district, there was a fight between the assistant engineer of the electricity department and the house owner over the issue of electricity connection. Immediate action must be taken against the culprits.” 

The video quickly went viral, accumulating 53,000 views and eliciting strong reactions from viewers. Many criticized the frequent disconnection of electricity by the department, while others expressed curiosity about the events leading up to the recorded altercation.

Taking to the internet, people shared their take. 

“The entire family beat up the Junior Engineer, but he is still so egoistic. It would have been better if he had joined hands and just left. After leaving he would have done whatever he had to do,” a user said. 

“There is a serious problem with electricity. The number of times they cut it, it’s just bizarre,” added another.

“Why does everyone start recording as soon as a fight ensues?” asked a third person. 

“Very good treatment for Ghuskhor Jr Engineer,” added a fourth user. @RajPoliceHelp kindly look into this. A govt employee is beating a woman,” added a fifth person. 

“What is even happening? And I need to know who started the fight,” wrote another

As the video continues to circulate, it highlights the growing tensions and frustrations over electricity supply issues and the potential for conflicts between service providers and consumers.