Viral Video: Dead Ants Found in Samosas Bought from DU Canteen Spark Hilarious Reactions on Social Media

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A video showcasing dead ants discovered inside samosas purchased from a Delhi University (DU) canteen has ignited a wave of humorous responses across social media platforms.

Originally shared on an Instagram page dedicated to DU students, the post highlighted the unsettling find of ants in the popular snack, reportedly bought from DU’s Dyal Singh College canteen.

The caption urged others to refrain from purchasing food items from the canteen to avoid similar experiences.

The video reveals dead ants embedded within the samosa filling, captured by a customer who encountered the unexpected addition to their meal. The footage garnered significant attention online, amassing nearly 2.5 million views within a week of its posting and continues to attract engagement from users.

Social media users reacted to the video with a mix of amusement and disbelief, with many choosing to respond with humorous comments. The unexpected discovery of ants in the samosas sparked a flurry of witty remarks and playful reactions, adding a lighthearted tone to the otherwise concerning incident.

Here’s how Instagram users reacted to the video:

“Stop giving excuses, just eat it (extra protein),” joked an Instagram user.

“Not Cheat Meal but Chiti Meal,” added another

While the video shed light on a concerning food safety issue, the humorous responses served as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of viral content on social media platforms. Despite the seriousness of the situation, the online community found humor in the unexpected discovery, showcasing the power of humor in navigating challenging situations.