Tension Escalates: Air India diverts flights from Iranian airspace amid escalating tensions in Middle East

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As tensions escalate in the Middle East following an Israeli strike on Iran’s embassy in Damascus, Air India has begun rerouting flights to avoid Iranian airspace. Concerns over potential retaliation have prompted countries like India, France, and Russia to warn their citizens against traveling to the region. 

Air India flights bound for Europe are now taking longer routes, adding up to 45 minutes to the journey. However, flights to the Middle East remain unaffected as they fly south of Iranian airspace. Lufthansa has also suspended flights to and from Tehran due to the current situation. 

The recent airstrike in Damascus has heightened tensions between Israel and Iran, with fears of an all-out regional war looming. Both countries have issued warnings and threats, further exacerbating the situation. 

The United States has expressed unwavering support for Israel and is bolstering its military presence in the region to deter potential attacks. 

A defense official said the Pentagon was “moving additional assets to the region to bolster regional deterrence efforts and increase force protection for US forces.”

With the possibility of direct conflict between Iran and Israel, the situation remains volatile, prompting caution from governments and airlines alike.