Viral Video: Mother Criticizes Child’s Holiday Homework; Divides Internet

Viral Video: Mother Criticizes Child's Holiday Homework; Divides Internet

Viral Video: Mother Criticizes Child's Holiday Homework; Divides Internet

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A mother’s passionate plea to teachers about holiday assignments sparks widespread discussion on social media.

July 3, 2024

A video featuring a frustrated mother complaining about her child’s holiday homework has gone viral on social media, igniting a heated debate among netizens. Posted on the platform X, the 33-second clip has amassed over 700,000 views and countless comments since its upload.

In the video, the woman, visibly agitated by the volume of assignments given to her child, criticizes teachers for assigning projects that are often beyond the capabilities of the students themselves, forcing parents to step in.

The mother’s rant translates as, “Teachers are aware that the projects and homework assigned to children will actually be done by their parents. They know this and do it on purpose to trouble parents. This ruins our vacations as well,” she passionately argues. “We are working on their projects while children are playing. I urge teachers to assign homework to children that they will be able to do themselves instead of involving their parents.”

The video has struck a chord with many parents who share similar frustrations. 

Comments under the post reflect a divided opinion, with some parents echoing the woman’s sentiments, agreeing that holiday homework is often too demanding and ends up being a task for the parents. Some, however, believe that homework is a crucial part of the learning process and helps children stay engaged academically during the holidays.

“It’s a fact,” most of the viewers said.

“This problem is real. The 4th standard girl in my neighbourhood has got homework to make a PPT presentation about generations of computer. And the school assumed that all the 200-300 students of 4th Standard have a Computer at home and know how to use PPT. I am making her project,” a user said.

“I found holiday homework fun. My parents never got involved in any of them,” an X user said.

“Nope. Parents are doing this to children. They need to inculcate a sense of responsibility in children to do their own work. Providing assistance is okay but parents should not do the project work. Let the child suffer once for incomplete work and face consequences. They will learn,” another comment reads

The viral clip has sparked a broader conversation about the purpose and execution of holiday assignments.