Viral video sparks outrage as man accused of abducting minor in Mumbai

Viral video sparks outrage as man accused of abducting minor in Mumbai

Viral video sparks outrage as man accused of abducting minor in Mumbai

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A viral video has sparked widespread outrage on social media after a deeply disturbing incident involving a minor girl came to light in Mumbai. 

The video shows a man accused of allegedly taking the young girl into a secluded building, which aroused the suspicions of the locals.

Passersby quickly intervened, confronting the man and capturing the entire confrontation on video. The footage, shared on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) by the handle ‘Ghar ke kalesh’, shows the man being confronted by an angry crowd. 

The video, posted yesterday, has already garnered over 84,000 views.

In the clip, voices can be heard accusing the man of having nefarious intentions with the minor. The crowd’s reaction was swift and aggressive; the video shows some individuals physically assaulting the man, while others are seen comforting and reassuring the child, promising her safety and justice.

The exact date of the incident remains unclear, but the video has sparked a significant reaction online. Many viewers expressed their anger and demanded stringent action against the accused. 

Comments ranged from calls for legal action to applause for the locals’ immediate response. Some netizens even advocated for further punishment, while others praised the community for protecting the girl and ensuring her safety.

Taking to the comment section, people shared their take. “Well done, need to give such a type of treatment to set up a good example,” a user said. 

“Hit him so hard that his soul shivers when he thinks of such a thing again,” added a second person. 

“Try to not harm this criminal seriously and transfer to the Police as soon as possible,” added a third user.

“The way he said tension mat le mama hain Tera idhar (Don’t get tensed, You mama is here) well done,” added another. 

“Wait till courts give him bail on the grounds of viral fever, dental filling, stomach pain, unemployment, depression, etc,” added a fifth person. 

“That guy who said tera mamma idhar h, respect,” wrote another

This incident has underscored the community’s protective stance towards minors and their zero tolerance for such alleged predatory actions.