Viral Video: Woman cooks Aloo and Poori simultaneously to save gas

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The internet continues to be a hub of culinary experimentation, from odd food combinations to bizarre cooking methods. 

One recent viral video showcases a woman multitasking on a single gas stove, cooking both aloo sabzi and poori simultaneously. The ingenious reason behind this unconventional method? To conserve gas.

In the video, the woman is seen boiling potatoes in a pressure cooker without a lid, allowing the steam to escape. Meanwhile, she places another pot on top of the open cooker, filling it with oil. With deftness, she fries rolled-out dough to make fluffy, golden-brown pooris directly above the boiling potatoes.

This innovative approach ensures that both the pooris and the potatoes receive the necessary heat, utilizing just one gas stove for the entire meal preparation. 

However, reactions to the video were mixed, with some users expressing disbelief at the method’s feasibility. One commenter pointed out the stark difference in boiling points between water and vegetable oil, deeming the process nearly impossible.

The internet users who came across the video were divided in their opinions regarding the process. One user bluntly termed the method as “Impossible”. Agreeing with them, another commented, “The boiling point of water is 100 degrees and the boiling temperature of vegetable oil is 300 degrees, so this is next to impossible.” 

Heaping praise on the woman, an individual wrote, “The best way to save gas! Salute.”

“What A Talent,” lauded a person. 

Expressing their desire to try the procedure, an Instagrammer remarked, “Me bhi try karungi (I will try it as well)” 

Admirers commended her talent and expressed eagerness to try the technique themselves. As culinary creativity continues to surprise and delight, this video serves as another testament to the boundless innovation found in home kitchens across the internet.

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