Visitors face surprise action by Police at 1 am at Tiger’s Point Lonavala 

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Visitors face surprise action by Police at 1 am at Tiger’s Point Lonavala

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Lonavala : During a surprise police check on Sunday morning, a number of visitors and operational stalls were discovered openly violating restrictions at Tiger’s Point in Lonavala at one in the morning.

A Pune rural police team, under the command of a senior police officer, intervened against four stalls operating past the legally allowed hours. Under the Maharashtra Police Act, fourteen tourists who were found to be in public drinking alcohol and playing loud music were also disciplined.

On weekends and holidays, Lonavala’s tourist destinations see enormous influx of visitors. Even though the relevant authorities have banned such behavior, people continue to party outdoors until late night or early in the morning.

According to the police official, vendors at the tourist attractions in Lonavala are not permitted to remain open past 7 o’clock at night. They discovered numerous openings during their unexpected visit and took legal action against the owners. In addition, they hauled up a few visitors who were discovered to be openly drinking alcohol and playing loud music.

The hours that Tiger’s Point and Lion’s Point are open to visitors are 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., according to a regional forest officer. Owners of stalls are limited to operating within these hours. They prosecute anyone who violates the law. They seized the materials and sound systems.

Additionally, he mentioned that a gate has been erected close to Lion’s Point to keep tourists out. Nonetheless, they open it with ease and pass through to arrive at the location, which is about 300 meters away. In the past, tobacco, cigarettes, and hookah supplies had also been seized from these areas by the forest department. Although there are no guards at the gate, a forest department team keeps an eye on things and patrols the area.

Shreyas Vange