Wagholi residents seek confirmation on cancellation of penalty on property tax 

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Collection of arrears of property tax and 2 percent penalty on property tax for 34 villages has been suspended. This decision of the state government has given temporary relief to nearly four lakh property tax payers in the 34 newly-included villages under PMC. However, Anil Kumar Mishra, Founder of Team Wagholi Against Corruption Organization (Team WACO) has sought confirmation & assurance about whether genuinely this has been implemented or not.

As per further information shared by Anil Kumar Mishra, earlier, by the Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra Ajit Pawar and afterwards, the announcement and order was made as approved in the cabinet meeting.

Pune Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar was ordered “not to collect property tax” by the Municipal Corporation, the proposal in this regard was approved in the cabinet meeting held on Monday (12th March) and the “collection of 2 percent penalty tax was suspended” until further order.

Consequently, he requests to please precisely confirm that from which date both these orders have been implemented for the newly merged villages like Wagholi and kindly share the copy of the order from the Government?

1) Has PMC already stopped collecting Property Tax from 12th March 2024 onwards from all the property owners like me in Wagholi?

2) Please confirm that there won’t be any late payment charge or penalty of 2% on the unpaid Property Tax amount even after 31st March 2024 (given currently many tax components like Water Tax etc in the Property Tax demand (bill) sent by PMC are inappropriate as well as other issues like retrospective demand of Property Tax of FY 2022-23 in 2023-24 etc. all have already been escalated and raised).

Shreyas Vange

Podar Prep
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