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Renuka Suryavanshi

For the past more than five years, Wanowrie residents have been grappling with a filthy atmosphere, increasing encroachments at the open space near Circle chowk. Over the years, the number of hawkers have increased, adding to the chaos.

Several clean up drives have taken place by the residents, Pune Municipal Corporation and citizens representatives, but with no permanent solution.
A meeting was held with the local corporators of Wanowrie on December 16, which was organized by the residents of Flower Valley society.

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Dr Leena Shah, a resident of Flower Valley society said, “The open space opposite to our ground has become a dumping spot for the last many years. Clean ups have taken place many times, but there has been no permanent solution to this. We, the residents, feel very unhealthy to live around such filthy spots. We fear the spread of mosquito borne diseases because of the garbage which is being dumped at this spot.”

Another resident of the area, Vandana Chhatpar, complained that despite informing the issue with the local PMC offices, there is no permanent solution. Today, in the meeting the PMC officers, sanitation and health department, building permission department have assured us that strict action shall be taken against the encroachment. Also, deep cleaning of the area shall be carried out.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, local Corporator Kalinda Punde about the constant complaints arising for this spot, she said, “It is a private plot and hence PMC cannot intervene. But I have instructed the PMC officials to clean up the area around the footpath as well as asked them to issue notices to the concerned land owners to maintain cleanliness in the plot. Also, action against hawkers must be taken strictly.”

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Czarina Bhojwani, a member of Waste Warriors Pune said, “We, the citizens of Pune, want to see our city clean and neat. We want everyone to contribute in keeping it clean. I urge citizens to be a part of the citizens’ movement and take active part in it.”

When the matter regarding the maintaining of cleanliness and hygiene and removal of encroachments with Prashant Jagtap, local Corporator Wanowrie, he said, “There is no tolerance for such illegal activities in Wanowrie. I have informed the building permission and health department officials to take stringent action, first by cleaning the area and secondly, removing the encroachments. Within the next few weeks the glory of Wanowrie shall be restored.”

Shramik Shevate from the building permission department who was also present for the meeting assured of strict action soon.

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