Pune should take lead in making electric vehicles ; Aditya Thakre

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The world today is battling against many things. Green energy is what we should all adopt to save the earth from further deterioration. To make this movement stronger for utilising green energy resources, we must take steps towards introducing electric vehicles, battery, hydrogen cell and ensure that Pune takes the lead in manufacturing such eco-friendly vehicles. Aditya Thakre, environment minister urged that firm steps towards introducing such ev vehicles is needed. He was speaking at the workshop organised by Pune Municipal Corporation, Rocky Mountain Institute, RMI India on Pune City Electric Vehicle Accelerator. The workshop was attended by transport cell’s additional chief secretary Ashish Kumar Singh, Pune Municipal Corporation Commissioner Vikram Kumar, Pune Smart City CEO Sanjay Kolte, RMI India senior professor Akshima Ghate. 

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Thakre said climate change is a big challenge world over. In the last 11 months 3 big storms have affected us severely. We must utilise the natural  resources and also limit our carbon footprint. Though this looks like a challenge but it is not impossible to achieve it. Maharashtra govt has introduced Electric Vehicle policy to encourage manufacturing in this sector. 

Maharashtra govt has been encouraging organisations to create a system for manufacturing electric vehicles. Maharashtra’s electric vehicles policy is one of the most attractive and the best. Amitabh Kant, Niti Aayog’s chairman said that we are encouraging manufacturing of electric vehicles and also arranging monthly workshops to understand the issues and concerns and providing them with solutions. 

Ashish Kumar Singh Sid that we are promoting electric vehicles charging stations in the city and PMC should come up with spaces for such stations. Under FEM policy electric vehicles manufacturers receive subsidy and we should all ensure that it reaches the beneficiaries. To resolve the crisis, a dashboard facility shall be created. 

Vikram Kumar in his speech said, “Pune is known to have highest number of vehicles. The efforts are on to strengthen the public transport system, wherein the number of electric buses have been increased from 150 to 650. Private companies shall also be given some buses. To encourage EV business, PMC has started ban EV Cell. Also we have decided to offer discount in property tax for societies allowing charging stations. 
ARAI and PMC signed an MoU, wherein ARAI shall give ten ev chargers to PMC free of cost.