Wanwadi residents face health hazards due to slaughterhouse waste being let into Bhairoba Nala

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Residents of Wanwadi are living in a state of distress due to the mounting health hazards caused by the accumulation of waste in the Bhairoba nala drain. The waste from the slaughter house is being drained into the sewage water, which flows through the western part of the village, has become a dumping ground for plastic bags, bottles, thermocol, dead animals, and other garbage. This has created a foul smell and a breeding ground for disease-causing bacteria, putting the health of the residents at risk.

Furthermore, the low height of the bridge near the Vitthal Rukmini temple in the village exacerbates the situation by allowing water to enter the urban area during heavy rainfall. The iron nets on the bridge are also broken, contributing to the accumulation of waste. Although funds are sanctioned for drain cleaning every year by the Municipal Corporation, only silt is removed from the areas where the machine can reach. This neglect has been worsened by a boundary dispute between the Cantonment and Municipal Corporation, leaving some parts of Bhairoba nala neglected.

Local resident Shivaji Shinde has stated, “The waste from slaughterhouses is being discharged into the sewage water of Bhairobanalya. As a result, blood and parts of meat are flowing in the water, affecting the nearby housing societies and spreading bad odour in the area. However, this sewage water joins the Mula Mutha river. We had complained to the PMC about this, and they had sent notice to the Cantonment board to clean it, but three weeks have passed, and the situation is still the same.”

Residents have demanded that both administrations take measures to solve the problem amicably. This includes removing debris, garbage, flowing pipes, and dead animals from the drain vessel. The height of the bridge needs to be increased, and the ruts in the drain need to be removed to prevent the accumulation of waste.
The situation is further compounded by the direct discharge of contaminated water mixed with blood, meat, and bones from slaughterhouses in the cantonment area into the drain. This has caused a bad smell and health hazards for residents living in Nancy Garden, Ganga Satellite, Netaji nagar, and Kumar Gulmohar societies, who live next to the drain.

The Municipal Corporation has issued a notice to the Cantonment administration to stop the direct discharge of contaminated water into the drain and has filed a complaint with the Pollution Control Corporation. However, residents claim that no action has been taken to address the problem.

Rajendra Jadhav, executive engineer, Pune Municipal Corporation told Pune Pulse that the civic body has sent notices to Pune Cantonment Board to fix the problem, but there seems to be no solution to it yet. We have sent two letters in the last few months.

Another resident of the area complained that the Bhairoba nala was beautified just a few months ago, but there are still many patches where it needs to be cleaned before the monsoon. It should start from Kondhwa to Wanowrie and thorough cleaning should be implemented.

Mrunal Jadhav