Watch: IndiGo pilot fulfilling family dream, flies grandfather for the first time

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In a heartwarming display of family ties and aviation passion, IndiGo pilot Pradeep Krishnan recently had the privilege of flying his grandfather for the first time.

Sharing the touching moment on social media, Krishnan captured the emotional journey from Chennai to Coimbatore, where his grandparents and mother were passengers on his flight.

The special announcement made by Krishnan before take-off added an extra layer of warmth to the already heartfelt occasion. Addressing the passengers, Krishnan expressed his joy at having his family on board, particularly highlighting the significance of his grandfather’s presence. Speaking in both Tamil and English, he shared, “My taatha, paati, Amma are sitting in the 29th row. My grandfather is flying with me today for the first time.”

Krishnan’s announcement resonated deeply with passengers, especially when he shared the personal connection behind the moment. Fondly reminiscing about his childhood rides on his grandfather’s TVS50, Krishnan expressed gratitude for the opportunity to now provide a similar experience to his grandfather. His mother’s tearful reaction further underscored the emotional significance of the occasion.

As the flight progressed, Krishnan encouraged passengers to greet his grandfather, who graciously acknowledged the gesture by standing up and folding his hands in gratitude. Witnessing this heartfelt exchange, passengers joined in applause, acknowledging the bond between Krishnan and his family.

The heartwarming incident serves as a reminder of the cherished moments shared with loved ones and the fulfillment of lifelong dreams. For Krishnan, the opportunity to fly his grandfather symbolized a full-circle moment, bridging generations and creating lasting memories in the sky.