Watch: Indra Nooyi Offers Advice to Indian Students in the US Amidst Rising Incidents

Former PepsiCo Chairman and CEO, Indra Nooyi

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Former PepsiCo Chairman and CEO, Indra Nooyi, has stepped forward with a heartfelt message of caution and guidance for Indian students studying in the United States amidst a concerning spike in incidents involving them. 

In a video shared by the Consulate General of India in New York, Nooyi emphasized the importance of vigilance, careful decision-making, and prioritizing safety and well-being.

Acknowledging the welcoming and multicultural environment in the US towards Indians, Nooyi urged students to exercise caution due to the vastness and diversity of the country. She highlighted the significance of choosing universities and courses carefully, emphasizing the primary objective of acquiring knowledge and upgrading skills.

Nooyi stressed the need for Indian students to remain focused on their academic pursuits and resist limiting their ambitions solely to job opportunities in the US. She encouraged students to consider returning to India to contribute to their home country, underscoring the fulfillment that comes from making a positive impact.

Furthermore, Nooyi emphasized personal responsibility, urging students, their friends, families, and communities to ensure personal safety. She outlined key precautions, including staying within the law, avoiding risky situations, and maintaining a balance between academic and personal life.

Addressing recent unfortunate incidents involving Indian students in the US, Nooyi expressed empathy for those affected and emphasized the importance of remaining vigilant in unfamiliar environments. She urged students to be cautious in selecting friends, developing habits, and navigating cultural changes, highlighting available resources for support and guidance.

Additionally, Nooyi underscored the importance of understanding and adhering to the laws and regulations of both India and the US, emphasizing the consequences of actions and the necessity of staying informed and alert at all times.

Nooyi’s advice serves as a beacon of guidance for Indian students, encouraging them to prioritize safety, well-being, and academic success as they pursue their dreams in the US amidst challenging circumstances.

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