Watch: What is “Buldhana Pattern” for Water Conservation ?

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Union Minister Nitin Gadkari recently highlighted the success of the ‘Buldhana pattern’ in water conservation. Here’s an overview of his statements and the impact of this pattern:

Introduction of the ‘Buldhana Pattern’: The ‘Buldhana pattern’ involves deepening river channels to allow water to seep into the ground, thus replenishing groundwater levels. This approach has been implemented successfully in Buldhana district, resulting in increased water storage capacity and reduced flood risks.

Gadkari mentioned that a significant amount of water has been stored in the ground due to the deepening of river channels in Buldhana. This has led to a decrease in the number of farmers committing suicide and has facilitated agricultural activities, including horticulture.

The success of the ‘Buldhana pattern’ has earned national recognition for its innovative approach to water conservation. It involves synchronizing national highway construction with water conservation efforts, resulting in increased water storage capacity at no additional cost to the state government.

The implementation of the ‘Buldhana pattern’ has led to the recharge of groundwater tables and a reduction in floods. This has been particularly beneficial for regions facing water scarcity, as it ensures a sustainable water supply for agriculture and other purposes.

Gadkari emphasized the need to adopt the ‘Buldhana pattern’ across the country, especially in areas experiencing water scarcity. He urged social organizations, educational institutions, NGOs, and political leaders to take initiative in water management efforts.

The ‘Buldhana pattern’ of water conservation, championed by Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, has demonstrated significant success in addressing water scarcity and enhancing water management practices. Its cost-efficient approach and positive impact on groundwater levels make it a viable solution for regions facing similar challenges across the country.

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