Weather Update: Relief From Scorching Heat Expected In Maharashtra, Pune Likely To Receive Rain Between June 4 to 6

Pune Weather Update: Monsoon Showers Bring Relief To City Amid Overcast Skies

Pune Weather Update: Monsoon Showers Bring Relief To City Amid Overcast Skies

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Monsoon Update 2024: There is promising news for the people of Maharashtra as the monsoon season begins. The southwest monsoon has officially entered Kerala as of May 30, one day earlier than expected. 

This development brings the expectation of heavy rains in various parts of Maharashtra from June 1 to June 3.

Rainfall Predictions and Areas of Impact

Senior Meteorologist Manikrao Khule has provided detailed information about the weather conditions in Maharashtra following the onset of the monsoon in Kerala. Pre-monsoon rain activity is expected to increase across the state from June 3 onwards. Specifically:

Mumbai: Isolated rain is likely to start from June 5, with an increase in rainfall activity from June 6 to June 8.

Pune, Nanded, Satara: These areas are expected to see increased rainfall from June 5 to June 8.

Other Regions: Excluding Mumbai and Konkan, 29 districts, including Khandesh, Vidarbha, and Marathwada, are likely to experience rain with thunderstorms from June 1 to June 3.

Current Weather Conditions

Despite the impending relief from the monsoon, temperatures are expected to rise in the next two days. Humidity and hot weather will persist in seven districts of Konkan, including Mumbai, until June 1. 

Monsoon Progress and Coverage

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has confirmed that the monsoon has reached North-East India and Kerala. The IMD has projected that the monsoon will enter Maharashtra within the next ten days. As of May 30, 2024, the southwest monsoon has covered Kerala and most parts of Northeast India, including Kanyakumari, South Tamil Nadu, Maldives, and Lakshadweep.

Weather Department’s Insights

The IMD has indicated a possibility of light rain in Konkan today. According to retired IMD official Anupam Kashyapi, the branch of the monsoon is strengthening with westerly winds off the Maharashtra coast gradually settling. 

Pre-monsoon activity, including thunderstorms, lightning, and light rain, is likely to start from June 3 and gradually increase, with Pune expected to receive rain from June 4 to June 6 before the monsoon fully sets in.

In summary, the arrival of the monsoon brings much-needed relief from the heat across Maharashtra, with rain expected in various regions starting from early June. The IMD continues to monitor the situation closely to provide timely updates and warnings.

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