WhatsApp takes action against 75 lakh Indian users

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WhatsApp has become the easiest medium of communication now-a-days. WhatsApp is used for everything from professional work to personal use. 

As the use of WhatsApp has increased greatly during the Corona period as well, many fraud incidents also surged. Due to security reasons, the company has once again taken action, this time against 75 lakh users from India.

Following the rules announced by the Department of Information Technology, the WhatsApp company has banned 75 lakh users for violating WhatsApp’s laws & terms and conditions following user complaints. According to the report, these users have been banned in the period of one month from 1st October 2023 to 31st October 2023.

This action has been taken against the users who abuse Meta’s platform. People need to be careful while using WhatsApp. 19,19,000 users were banned by the company itself without users reporting it. Some other users have been banned following the report.

If the user is banned, he/she will get a message from the company when they start WhatsApp. It will say that this user is not allowed to use WhatsApp. If they feel that the activity in the account violates their terms of service, WhatsApp will notify the user that they have banned the user before the ban is imposed.

If the user believes that he/she has been banned by mistake, they can send an email or request to be reinstated and WhatsApp will look into the matter. The company also said that they will contact the user once their review is complete.

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