World Forestry Day: Plastic banned at Shivneri Fort

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Effective March 21, visitors are prohibited from carrying plastic, tobacco, gutkha, bidi, cigarette, and card boxes to Shivneri Fort, with the exception of water bottles. This measure aims to combat pollution and protect the natural environment. However, due to increasing temperatures, only water bottles will be permitted, and tourists must ensure they carry them back down after use, preventing littering on the fort grounds.

This decision was supported by the sub-conservator of Forests Amol Satpute and Assistant Conservator of Forests Amit Bhise, who emphasized its importance in preserving the fort’s biodiversity and maintaining its appeal to tourists.

Furthermore, starting June 5, a permanent ban on plastic water bottles will be enforced within the fort. To ensure visitors’ hydration needs are met, pure drinking water will be made available at various locations by the Junnar Forest Department and Archaeological Department.

Chavan stressed the importance of tourist cooperation in adhering to these regulations, which are pivotal in safeguarding Shivneri’s environment for future generations. These proactive steps underscore the forest department’s commitment to environmental conservation at Shivneri Fort, encouraging responsible tourism practices.

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