World’s First ‘Om’ Shaped Temple Takes Form in Rajasthan’s Pali District

World's First 'Om' Shaped Temple Takes Form in Rajasthan's Pali District

World's First 'Om' Shaped Temple Takes Form in Rajasthan's Pali District

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Unique Spiritual Marvel: In Pali, Rajasthan, a distinctive ‘Om’ shaped temple is under construction, set to become the world’s first temple designed in the sacred symbol of ‘Om.’ This architectural marvel not only captivates onlookers on Earth but is also visually striking from space.

Location and Details: Situated in Jadan village of Pali district, the Shiva temple is known as Om Shiv Mandir. Spanning 250 acres, the temple is entering its final stages of construction and is expected to be completed in 2024.

Spiritual Significance: The temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, embodies spiritual significance with a consecration program for the Shivalinga scheduled between February 10-19, 2024. It stands as a symbol of devotion and architectural excellence.

Architectural Splendor: Following the Nagara style of architecture prevalent in North India, the Om-shaped temple is a sprawling structure with the Om symbol extending over a radius of about half a kilometer. The intricate design showcases the cultural and architectural heritage of the region.

Impressive Features: The temple complex boasts 1,008 idols of Lord Mahadev, including 12 Jyotirlingas. The structure stands at 135 feet, supported by 2,000 pillars, and accommodates 108 rooms. Notably, the tomb of Guru Madhavanand ji is positioned at the center of the premises.

Foundation and Construction: The foundation stone for the temple was laid in 1995, and construction has been ongoing for the past 25 years. The temple reflects dedication and perseverance in bringing this unique vision to fruition.

Global Spiritual Leader: Swami Maheshwaranand Maharaj, a revered spiritual leader with a global following, emphasized that this Om-shaped temple is a pioneering creation, marking a unique blend of spirituality and architectural innovation.

Om Ashram Jadan Pali: The temple is associated with Om Ashram, founded by Vishwa Guru Maha Mandleshwar Paramahansa Swami Maheswara Nanda Puriji Maharaj. The ashram follows Hindu traditions, and the Om mantra, considered a Mahamantra, holds a central place in its spiritual practices.

Visitor Information: Jadan village is accessible via National Highway 62, approximately 71 km from Jodhpur airport. Visitors can also utilize trains from Delhi to Ahmedabad, alighting at Marwar Junction for convenient access to the temple.

As the Om Shiv Mandir nears completion, it stands as a testament to cultural heritage, spiritual devotion, and architectural innovation, offering a unique experience for visitors and devotees alike.

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