Yerwada Metro Station To Commence Operations In July, Expected To Ease Commuting For Pune Residents

Pune: Yerwada Metro Station Set For Opening After Entry-Exit Redesign

Pune: Yerwada Metro Station Set For Opening After Entry-Exit Redesign

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Yerwada’s long-awaited Metro station is set to commence operations in July, marking a significant milestone for Pune’s transportation infrastructure. This development is anticipated to greatly benefit the daily commuters of Pune, with an expected increase in ridership to seven lakh passengers per day.

Located on the national sports road near the Yerwada bus stand, the Maharashtra Housing Board, Shastrinagar government quarters, Fule Nagar, and Pratik Nagar areas will facilitate feeder bus services to connect with the Metro, ensuring accessibility for students, workers, and middle-class residents. Local representatives have highlighted the advantages of Metro travel for these communities.

Construction delays due to national highway construction initially caused congestion near Yerwada bus stands. Despite initial challenges, local authorities worked to streamline approvals, eventually allowing Metro construction to proceed smoothly.

The extension from Vanaz to Ramwadi’s third stop is planned to commence later this year, with services suspended at Yerwada for six months from October 2023 to March 2024.

The inaugural from Ruby Hall to Ramwadi’s third stop was visible in March this year and now the inauguration of the Yerwada Metro Station is confirmed in the month of July so it will benefit the local resident a lot.