Your doorstep solution for comprehensive dental care and health services : Health Chakra Van

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Led by experienced doctors Dr. Ankit Khanna, MDS, Periodontist and Implantologist and Dr. Ruchira Beri Khanna (MDS Prosthodontist).

Fully equipped dental clinic on wheels, featuring dental scanners, portable X-rays, intra-oral lasers, and more under guidance of trained doctors providing high-quality dental care at your doorstep.

Offers physician services, diagnostics, pathology, and pharmacy facilities.

Integrated methods of service delivery, including tele-consultations, in-person care.

Benefits for housing societies and corporates :

  • Convenience and Cost Effectiveness : Easy access to healthcare services without leaving homes/offices at affordable rates
  • Improved oral health: On-site dental care, regular check-ups, and cleanings.
  • Increased access to dental care: Overcoming barriers for those with difficulty reaching a dental office.
  • Early detection of dental problems, preventive services for proper dental hygiene.
  • Comfortable and reassuring environment, especially for children.
  • Weekend camps and special packages available