12 Lakh students in Maharashtra have invalid Aadhaar numbers

12 Lakh students in Maharashtra have invalid Aadhaar numbers

12 Lakh students in Maharashtra have invalid Aadhaar numbers ( Representational Image )

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A recent revelation has uncovered that approximately 12 lakh students in Maharashtra possess invalid Aadhaar numbers, posing significant challenges to their access to various government services and benefits. Thane district emerged as the most affected region, with nearly two lakh students impacted by this issue.

The disclosure came to light following the completion of the Aadhaar validation process for over two crore students in government schools which ended on March 30. The revelation has raised concerns that these students may miss out on essential benefits provided by the state government, including new uniforms for the upcoming academic year.

While 12 districts, including Kolhapur and Ahmednagar, successfully completed the verification process on time, Education Commissioner Suraj Mandhare emphasized the need for block education officers to conduct physical checks on students with invalid Aadhaar numbers. This step aims to confirm their existence and address any related issues promptly.

Students with invalid Aadhaar cards face the risk of losing out on school nutrition benefits and uniforms for the new academic session. Additionally, there are still 32,095 students whose Aadhaar validation is pending, requiring immediate attention from education authorities to rectify the situation.

Despite the majority of students possessing valid Aadhaar cards,

concerns persist regarding the remaining 5% facing difficulties in obtaining valid documents. Teachers, who have been actively involved in the Aadhaar validation process, have highlighted the immense pressure and technical glitches faced during the procedure.

Teachers highlighted frustrations caused by technical glitches in the SARAL portal, urging authorities to address these issues promptly.

Mahendra Ganpule, spokesperson for the Maharashtra School Principals’ Association, emphasized the need to address technical problems hindering the Aadhaar validation process. Despite efforts to rectify the situation, over 60 lakh students are still awaiting verification, either due to invalid Aadhaar numbers or mismatches with data on the student portal.

Addressing these challenges effectively is crucial to ensure that all students receive essential benefits and services provided by the government, promoting equal access to education and support for students across Maharashtra.

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