140 saplings planted near Tuscan Estate in Kharadi

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Residents of Tuscan Estate in Kharadi have taken up the challenge to make Kharadi Green and Clean.

On July 17, 2021, the residents planted over 140 saplings on the road stretch between Tuscan Estate to Radisson Hotel, covering a distance of over 1 kilometer.

Dr Umesh Bakane from the society said, “It is a joint effort not just from the members of our society but also from the neighbouring society too. Earlier the society cleaned and created urban forest on the plot adjoining the society and planted around 1000 trees and created a Nagarvan.

The society residents took up the work of cleanliness, planted saplings as the open space near the society had become an eyesore and local civic authorities did not bothered to clean up. The society also decided to use the water treated from the sewage treatment plant for watering the plants. Now, the Nagarvan has water sprinklers to water the plants who have grown beyond 30-40 feet.

Small efforts from the citizens has totally altered the look of the entire locality. Kudos to the team including of young and old who have together created this Nandanvan.

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