30% of Pimpri Dairy Farm Overpass Project completed

30% of Pimpri Dairy Farm Overpass Project completed

30% of Pimpri Dairy Farm Overpass Project completed

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The construction of the overpass at Pimpri Dairy Farm, located on the Mumbai-Pune railway line, is progressing well, with 30% of the work completed.

Currently, a level crossing exists at this location, hindering the smooth flow of traffic from Pimpri village to the Nigdi-Dapodi road. The proposed freight corridor on the Mumbai-Pune railway route necessitates the closure of all crossings by the railway authorities. Considering the demands of local citizens and representatives, a joint effort by the railways and local bodies to fund the overpass has been initiated.

The project involves the construction of 10 piers, with 7 already completed, including the pier caps. The footing work for the 8th pier is done, and the column construction is underway. Scaffolding for the slab work between the 9th and 10th piers has been set up, and steel reinforcement is being placed. The final design for the remaining two piers and the 45-meter-long overpass section over the railway line has been resubmitted to the railway department for approval. Once approved, the work will proceed as planned.

**Project Details:**

– **Contract Value:** INR 585.7 million

– **Approved Tender Amount:** INR 652.8 million

– **Work Order Date:** 31/03/2023

– **Completion Period:** 24 months

– **Contractor:** M/s T&T Infra Ltd, Pune

The project includes a 565-meter long and 17.20-meter wide four-lane overpass and a 1300-meter long, 18-meter wide road from Mumbai-Pune road to Power House Chowk, Pimpri. This development will enable uninterrupted travel for citizens between Pune city and Pimpri village, saving time and fuel. It will also provide quicker access to areas like Pimpri village, Rahatni, and Pimple Saudagar.

Chief Engineer Shrikant Savane of Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation stated, “The corporation has acquired 5.96 acres from the defense department, paying INR 238.5 million. The design for the railway overpass was approved in January 2022, and tenders were floated accordingly. This project will significantly ease the commute for residents of Pimpri village, Pimple Saudagar, and Rahatni.”