31,505 new meters available for installation in Pune, informs MSEDCL

Pune: Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) has begun micro-planning in Pune in order to provide an adequate number of electricity metres to new electricity connections. Twice a week, the metres were reviewed section-wise and metres were made available. This planning has sped up the process of commissioning new electricity connections where the quotation amount has been paid and the infrastructure is in place.

Meanwhile, a total of 31,505 new electricity meters of single and three phases are available in Pune circle, while new electricity connections are given to 9,591 non-agricultural consumers who have paid the quotation amount and have existing infrastructure.

For this purpose, every Monday Chief Engineer Rajendra Pawar conducts a department-wise review that is being done at the district level regarding new electricity connections and the availability of electricity meters in all 12 departments. Along with providing new electricity connections, new meters are being made available in sufficient numbers and promptly in those sections where faulty meters are to be replaced. This has significantly increased the speed of the commissioning of new power connections.

Under Pune circle, 21,082 single-phase and 10,423 three-phase new electricity meters are available in Bhosari, Pimpri, Kothrud, Shivajinagar, Rasta Peth, Padmavati, Parvati, Nagar Road, Bundgarden, Manchar, Mulshi and Rajgurunagar divisions till Monday (January 23). Compared to this, the process of implementing 9,591 new power connections of 7,705 of single phase and 1,886 of three phases where the infrastructure system exists in all the 12 divisions is underway.

As many as 1,77,186 new electricity connections have been given by MSEDCL from last January to December. In this, a total of 1,46,078 electricity connections have been given in the low-pressure category – 1,46,078, domestic – 11,859, commercial – 19,859, industrial – 3504 and agricultural and other 7,455, while 290 new electricity connections have been given to high-pressure categories.

Consumers should directly contact the Executive Engineer of the concerned Division of MSEDCL if a new meter is not available for a new electricity connection and replacement of the faulty meter. Besides, it has been clarified by MSEDCL that electricity consumers do not need to buy meters from the market as there are enough electricity meters available.

Mrunal Jadhav 

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