39 Covid19 positive patients found in Pimple Saudagar society

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39 Covid19 positive patients found in a society of Pimple Saudagar; Commissioner urges resident to practise maximum precautions

Close to 39 residents of Mirachandani Palms society in Pimple Saudagar have tested positive for COVID, according to the updates provided by area corporator, Shatrughan Kate, who held a COVID testing camp at the society and nearby areas. The updates suggest that the count has been taken since 21 August, 2021.

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Pune Pulse quickly reached out to the Municipal Commissioner of the city, Rajesh Patil, who clarified that there is no major threat looming on the city yet, but nothing can be predicted. “People should practise maximum precautions. We have sealed the concerned society by continously following up with all the supplies to the society. However, nothing can be said about the third wave apart from requesting people to keep the festivals a low key affair. As observed last year, the COVID rises to fail any predictions at any time. We should not let the rise go for a toss. The city has no major spike as of yet. People need not to panic, but they shouldn’t let social distancing go for a toss, too.”

The committee member of the society, Upendra Kumar, while talking to Pune Pulse said, “There is no specific reason behind a sudden spike in the COVID cases from our society, but what matters the most is that all the positive tested patients are having mild symptoms with merely 2 children having tested positive.”

Area corporator, Shatrughan Kate, while talking to Pune Pulse said, “There is no delta variant as the misinformation is looming on WhatsApp about the society. The symptoms of the found 39 patients are mild and there is no critical patient yet. However, we are closely holding the camps in the society to monitor any sudden rise. All the society residents are being tested.”