5,000 NCP Pune workers to participate in Mumbai’s Maha morcha tomorrow

Pune: A mega rally ‘Maha Morcha’ has been organised in Mumbai on Saturday by Maha Vikas Aghadi to oppose the remarks made by Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari and BJP leaders insulting great leaders of Maharashtra. Members of the political party across Maharashtra will be going to Mumbai to participate in the “Maha Morcha”. Even the Pune Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) has made preparations.

Pune NCP President Prashant Jagtap said, “From Pune around 5,000 party workers will be going for the morcha. We have made all the preparations. Accordingly, 200 four wheelers and 27 buses will be going to Mumbai tomorrow morning at 5 o clock. Some party members will be traveling by railway to Mumbai.”

From Pune many people are expected to become part of Maha Morcha. Not only NCP party but Congress and Shiv Sena (Thackeray faction) members will be going with the various organizations which were part of Pune silent march.

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