MNS protests against PMC for depriving medicines to poor citizens

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Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) today staged a protest outside Pune Municipal Corporation for not providing medicines to the poor citizens of Pune under the Urban Poor Health Scheme.

Sainath Babar, MNS city president said, “For the last two months patients coming under Urban poor health scheme are not getting medicines. People diagnosed with Diabetes, dialysis, blood pressure, etc patients are not getting medicines regularly. For this the fund of ₹15 to 16 crores will be needed but the PMC is not releasing funds to buy medicines but on the other hand PMC has money to construct roads.”

“Somewhere the Pune Municipal Commissioner wants to privatize this scheme. But this scheme is for poor people which must benefit poor people only” said Babar.

Urban Poor Health Scheme, is a scheme for poor citizens of Pune and the scheme is applicable for only the General ward. Health services in paneled private hospitals are provided only as per C.G.H.S. rate schedule.
The members /patients of this scheme can get necessary treatment and required medicines totally free of cost from the Pune Municipal Corporation Dispensary.

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