74th Republic Day celebration held in Balewadi

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The Balewadi Welfare Federation held a grand celebration for the 74th Republic Day. The flag was unfurled by Group Captain M S Deshpande (retired).

There were a lot of Balewadi residents and federation members present for the programme. Grp Capt Deshpande shared his defence experiences and told the audience of the efforts made by Indian warriors to free their country. 

Two activities were announced by Balewadi Welfare Federation on this occasion. To honor ordinary citizens for their extraordinary social work. “Balewadi Welfare Federation Citizens Award” has been started from this year. Information about this was given during the programme. As a social responsibility, the Federation carries out various social activities. As a part of this initiative “Baner-Balewadi, Pashan Resident Association”, Balewadi Welfare Federation and Aditya Bridge Park Society are jointly organizing a “Blood Donation Camp” on 11 February. This camp was announced on 26th January. 

*Federation and Baner Balewadi Pashan Resident Association appealed to citizens to participate in both the activities*

The Chairman of the Federation, Ramesh Rokde, said “The comprehensive development of an area is not only the responsibility of the government, local bodies and public representatives, but the housing societies in that area should also come forward and contribute to the work of these institutions. The Federation is a non-political organization. Conscious of its social responsibility, the Federation has announced the “Balewadi Welfare Federation Citizens Award”. This award, given annually, will honor a common man for his extraordinary social work. Government officials, political figures and committees of the Federation are excluded. Citizens should come forward and inform us of the common man’s duty.”

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