Accident : Gas Tanker Overturns in Lonikand; No Casualties Reported

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On 30th September, a huge Gas Tanker had overturned in Magar Vasti area of Lonikand.

As per further information shared by Vishwajit Kaingade, Senior Inspector, Lonikand Police Station, at 2 am on 30th September, a gas tanker overturned at Magar Vasti, Lonikand and gas leakage was reported.  Traffic on the said road had been diverted, for which police officers were appointed at ten check points / puncture points.

The fire brigade and the safety manager of the gas tanker company had been called to the spot at night. 
MSEB had been contacted and the supply had been switched off as high tension electric wires were passing from the spot. Necessary safety precautions had been given to the people who have houses in the said area.

Filling of gas into another tanker was done and the operation lasted for another 4-5 hours.No casualty or Injuries have been reported.
Lonikand Police is investigating the matter further.

Shreyas Vange

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