AI technology employed in Kalyani Nagar accident investigation: Technical evidence collected by Police

AI technology employed in Kalyani Nagar accident investigation: Technical evidence collected by Police

AI technology employed in Kalyani Nagar accident investigation: Technical evidence collected by Police

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The ongoing investigation into the tragic Porsche accident in Kalyani Nagar has seen the utilization of advanced AI technology to gather critical technical evidence. This move aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the incident and expedite the investigative process.

Technical Analysis by Porsche Team

An expert team from Porsche, alongside Regional Transport Office (RTO) officials, conducted a detailed inspection of the involved vehicle. The team collected essential data from the car’s online systems, including recordings from the front and rear cameras. This data retrieval process is expected to offer insights into the car’s operation at the time of the accident.

“We will determine how the car was driven, how many times the brakes were pressed, the frequency of accelerator use, and the exact speed at the time of the accident,” said a senior official from the Pune Crime Branch. The technical analysis includes reviewing the car’s online systems, which could reveal crucial aspects such as braking patterns and speed fluctuations.

Digital Evidence and Investigation

The police have intensified their efforts by focusing on digital evidence. Significant leads have emerged, including the recovery of the driver’s mobile phone and the seizure of the vehicle used by the accused. Key witnesses and the driver remain under police protection to ensure their safety and the integrity of their testimonies.

In addition to technical data, the police have also been analyzing Call Detail Records (CDRs) of the accused and gathering extensive CCTV footage. Over 150 locations in Kalyani Nagar and Koregaon Park areas have been scrutinized for relevant footage. This includes recordings from the bungalow of the minor accused, the accident site, and a nearby pub. The Crime Branch even conducted a raid on May 25 at the bungalow of builder Vishal Agarwal in Vadgaon Sheri, suspecting potential tampering with CCTV recordings in the vicinity.

AI and Advanced Technology in Investigation

The AI system is being employed to recreate the accident scenario, providing a detailed analysis of the vehicle’s performance and the driver’s actions. This technological approach aims to clarify whether there was any technical malfunction in the Porsche, as claimed by the lawyer of builder Vishal Aggarwal.

The data retrieved will include the car’s speed at the time of the accident, instances of hard braking, and high-speed driving records. This information, along with the dashcam recordings, will be crucial in building a strong case against the accused.


The use of AI and advanced technology in the investigation underscores the police’s commitment to uncovering the truth behind the Kalyani Nagar accident. As the investigation progresses, significant breakthroughs are anticipated, which could potentially influence the outcome of the case. The emphasis on digital evidence marks a pivotal shift in how such high-profile cases are handled, ensuring a thorough and precise investigative process.