All Pune Parsee Indoor Sports tournament held in Pune

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To beat the heat and make summers more enjoyable JJ Building Sports Committee along with the Zoroastrian Youth Association of Pune had for the 1st time organised an All Pune Parsee Indoor Sports Tournament. As expected by their head Cyrus Malegamwala they received an overwhelming response of over 140 participants for games ranging from Table Tennis, Carrom and Chess. The age groups of the participants ranged from 10 to 78 years and it was fun seeing the young and old Parsees playing side by side. The games were played over two weekends and while playing  in usual parsee sportsmanship with lots of gaars but immaculate fairness.

The Parsee community of Pune did not hesitate to show their philanthropic side with Ms.Dinoo Framroze Patel, donating a new TT table and Jimmy Patel sponsored the prizes for the winners and runners up and Hormuz Pundol sponsored several watches.

The winners for TT doubles were Kaizad Irani & Sarossh Munsshi, TT Open Singles and Veteran >40 Singles was Rashid Khorshedi, TT <14 was Arhaan Karkaria and Carrom Doubles was Rayomond Khambata and Farzaan Gocal. The high point of the games was the Chess Tournament was the young Bezan Nanavatti emerging as the winner after playing several tough games and defeating both the young and old opponents.

JJ Sports Committee would also like to thank Ardhaviraf Sinor, Mabrin Nanavati, Percy Ankleshwaria, Vispy Karkaria and Bakhtiar Narielwalla who came forward and devoted both time and effort in organising this event.

During the week-long summer camp, held in May for Zoroastrian Kids, the Zoroastrian Youth Association of Poona, saw over 30 children participate in various activities including plantation, art, dance and drama. Each day the children were treated to breakfast from several Parsi food establishments. 

Each day the children were treated to breakfast from several Parsi food establishments such as, Cafe Yezdan, Cafe Vohuman, Hott Catering Services, The Food Gallery, Camp. Milk each day was sponsored by ABC Farms and the children enjoyed the same with spoonfuls of Bournvita. 

 The ZYA camp was spearheaded by Farah and Arzaan Khambatta. Nausheen, Pourush Irani, Saneya Dastur Behnaz Nanavatti, Bezan Nanavatti, Vahbiz Nanavatti, Medioma Engineer, etc volunteered each day to ensure the kids were well loved after and conducted all activities with complete responsibility.

The sumptuous dinner by The Food Gallery on 7th May brought an end to the festivities with the prize distribution for the indoor games and a special dance performance by the ZYA Summer Camp children. All the donors were thanked and felicitated. Further as a mark of honour they were also called on stage to distribute the prizes. The evening ended well with full stomachs, good memories and lasting friendships.