Annual student fest spreads awareness on protection of Shekru

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Chaitraly Deshmukh

In order to create awareness about Maharashtra state animal Shekru – Giant Squirrel a mascot has been kept at Pune based law college as a mascot. Symbiosis Law School, Pune during their annual cultural fest Symbhav 2022 has kept a mascot of Shekru with the intention of letting people know about the animal. 

The Shekru aka Giant Squirrel is found in the state of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.  
Speaking to Pune Pulse Prof Kshitij Naikade said, ” The prominent characteristics of the Shekru are its agility and strong survival instincts. One look at the animal is bound to speak of its embodiment of these qualities, which is the reason it has been recognized as Maharashtra’s state Animal. “

He added, “Unfortunately, humans are the leading threat to this species. The Shekru finds a place in the IUCN Red List with habitat destruction, deforestation and hunting being the major causes of its rapid population decline. Thus to raise awareness about this endangered animal and upturn 180 their current circumstances, we decided to have the Shekru, as our official mascot. We aim to celebrate the spirit of the fest by epitomizing the Shekru’s skills and qualities.”