Anti-Valentine Week 2024 Slap Day to Flirt Day. Know all about these days. 

Anti-Valentine Week 2024 Slap Day to Flirt Day. Know all about these days.
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Anti-Valentine Week, which starts from February 15 to 22, can lead to playful teasing and sometimes even troubling actions. Though some people view it as a harmless way to express negative emotions, it is alarming to note that this week coincides with a disturbing trend in India – the rising violence against women.

Despite its playful veneer, Anti-Valentine Week’s “Slap Day” and “Kick Day” can trivialize aggression. This is particularly concerning given the National Crime Records Bureau’s (NCRB) 2023 report showing a 2% increase in crimes against women.

The data paints a grim picture: domestic violence is on the rise, with a 30% increase in “cruelty against a woman by a husband or relative.” This translates to a 5% surge in such crimes’ share of total offences, reaching 38% in 2021. States like Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan, already notorious for high crime rates, show disturbing trends. Uttar Pradesh ranks third in assaults on women and fourth in domestic violence, while Rajasthan occupies the fourth and third positions in these categories, respectively.

Anti-Valentine Week, while potentially harmless for some, serves as a stark reminder of the critical issue of gender violence in India. It’s important to remember that love and respect, not aggression, are the true foundations of healthy relationships. We must address the root causes of violence against women and work towards a safer, more equitable society for all.

So here we have explained what these days mean for the Anti-Valentine week. 

February 15th is Slap Day, the start of Anti-Cupid Week. Take some time to analyze your emotions and rid yourself of any toxic energy. Remember, you deserve happiness and positivity in your life.

“February 16 is ‘Kick Day’. Use it to kick away all the negativity your ex left behind. Also, it’s a perfect day to get rid of any unwanted gifts by kicking them away.”

February 17 is Perfume Day, a day for self-care. Treat yourself to a fragrance you’ve been wanting and apply it to your pressure points for a mood boost.

On February 18, celebrate Flirting Day with confidence. Indulge yourself and embrace the opportunity to flirt with someone new. Don’t be afraid to try out that pickup line you’ve always wanted to. Seize the day and welcome new experiences into your life.

February 19 is Confession Day, a day to ease the burden of guilt by confessing your feelings or mistakes to your significant other or someone special. This day is perfect to let go of negative emotions and start afresh.

On February 20, celebrate Missing Day by reaching out to someone you miss and telling them how much you miss them. It’s always great to let loved ones know that they are being missed.

The final day of Anti-Valentine Week is February 21, Breakup Day. This day marks the end of the cycle of love and hate. Use this day to break up with a bad habit or a toxic relationship and choose freedom. Get the closure you deserve and start a new chapter in your life.

7th Feb- Rose day. 

On this day, love partners give roses to each other as a symbol of love and to feel romantic. Different colours of roses have different meanings. For instance, a red rose represents romantic love and affection, while a pink rose expresses gratitude. In contrast, yellow roses symbolize friendship and admiration.

The love week from 8th Feb to 14th Feb 

8th Feb – Propose day 

Love partners often propose to each other on this day. If accepted, they hug with tears in their eyes. Typically, the male partner presents an expensive ring and hopes for an affirmative answer.

9th Feb- Chocolate  Day 

The day is all about sharing sweetness and affection through the gift of chocolate. Make your loved one’s day more special by gifting a box of chocolates or their favourite chocolate bar.

10th Feb- Teddy Day

Valentine’s Week is a special occasion dedicated to expressing love and appreciation to your significant other. One of the days this week is called Teddy Day, which falls on the 4th day of Valentine’s week. This day provides the perfect opportunity for couples to give a cute and cuddly teddy bear as a symbol of their love and affection. It serves as a reminder of their bond and can be a comforting presence for their partner when they miss them.

11th Feb- Promise day 

On this day, love partners make a strong commitment to their journey of love. It is called Promise Day, where couples can make promises to each other to strengthen their relationship. It is an excellent time to talk openly and honestly about how you feel regarding love and commitment. Moreover, this day is an opportunity for couples to make new promises that will nourish their relationship and help them be there for each other more.

12th Feb – Kiss day 

Couples demonstrate their love for each other by giving each other hugs, conveying a genuine feeling of affection. This sweet expression of devotion is a beautiful way for couples to begin their journey together and an excellent method to strengthen their bond.

13th Feb- Hug day 

On this special occasion, love partners can express their deep affection towards each other through a sweet kiss. Kissing is the perfect way to physically show your love and let your partner know how much you care about them. Partners kiss to demonstrate their commitment, and closeness, and strengthen the bond between them. It’s a promise to be there for each other through thick and thin. You can create a cosy setup at home and share an intense and passionate kiss with your loved one to celebrate this day.

14th Feb- Valentine’s day 

Valentine’s Day is the last and most significant day on the Valentine’s week list. It is celebrated on 14th February. This day is perfect for couples to express their love for each other by spending time together and exchanging gifts. However, it’s not just for romantic love. This day is also an excellent opportunity to show love for close friends, children, parents, siblings, teachers, and anyone else you care about. People see Valentine’s Day as a time to celebrate all the wonderful relationships between people. Many hotels and clubs organize parties and meals for Valentine’s Day.

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