APMC Pune Declares Holiday On Lok Sabha Voting Day

Pune: Lok Sabha Voting Trend Keeps Contenders on Edge

Pune: Lok Sabha Voting Trend Keeps Contenders on Edge

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As the nation gears up for the Lok Sabha elections, the APMC Pune sets a precedent by prioritising civic duties and encouraging voter participation through this proactive decision.

9 May 2024

By Payoshi Bisht

In light of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in Pune and Shirur constituencies, the Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) in Pune has announced a one-day holiday on Monday, 13 May. This decision aligns with the voting day for the Maharashtra 34 Pune and 36 Shirur Lok Sabha General Election 2024.

According to a circular issued by the APMC Pune, several departments within the market premises will remain closed on the aforementioned date. These include the Fruits and Vegetables Market, Bhusar Grains Market, Banana Market, Flower Market, Leaf Market, Petrol Pump Department, Weighing Katta and various departments located at Moshi APMC, Khadki APMC, Manjari APMC and Uttamnagar.

The declaration of the election holiday aims to facilitate the participation of APMC employees and traders in the electoral process without any hindrance.