Pune: Thieves Steal Items From Ramesh Dyeing’s  Godown in Sadashiv Peth Worth Rs 3 Lakhs 

Rise In Juvenile Crime In Pune: 1,681 Cases Recorded In Four Years

Rise In Juvenile Crime In Pune: 1,681 Cases Recorded In Four Years

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Between May 4 and 8, a burglary took place at Ramesh Dyeing Godown in Sadashiv Peth, Pune. The incident occurred around 10:00 AM when the godown, owned by Prathamesh Shah, was securely locked.

According to the Vishram Bagh Police Station report, the accused individuals, identified as Salman Mujawar (27), residing in Dapodi, Pune, and one more individual broke into the godown using a fake key. The police arrested Salman Mujawar at 21:45 PM.
According to Police Sub Inspector, Manoj Barure, ‘Salman earlier used to work at Ramesh Dyeing and he and Nikhil Bapte together stole items worth lakhs of rupees. They have a hearing at the court today and according to that their punishment will be decided.”
The thieves made away with a considerable haul, including 30 trolley bags, 26 duffle bags, 12 sacks, and 36 umbrellas, collectively valued at Rs. 3,28,478/-. The stolen items varied in size and type, indicating a planned and calculated theft operation.

Shah, the owner of the godown, expressed shock and dismay over the incident, stating that such thefts not only result in financial losses but also disrupt business operations.
Meanwhile, residents and business owners in the Sadashiv Peth area are urged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to the authorities promptly.