Artistic Marvels: Pune-based Artist Unveils Extraordinary Siporex Block Creations at Bal Gandharva Art Gallery

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Prepare to be captivated by an extraordinary art exhibition taking place at the renowned BalGandharva Art Gallery in Pune from 1st to 3rd June 2023. This unique showcase will feature the innovative work of Girish Murudkar, a highly regarded artist based in Pune, who has ventured into the realm of sculpture creation using siporex blocks.

Girish Murudkar expressed his enthusiasm for this unconventional art form, stating, “Siporex blocks offer a fresh perspective in comparison to traditional art forms. Their malleability allows for the effortless creation of intricate carvings. These blocks are easily found at construction sites, often discarded as waste. Even if purchased, they are incredibly affordable. Instead of disposing of these readily available items, I believe we can transform them into artistic masterpieces. Thus, I began crafting unique pieces using siporex blocks, and I am thrilled to present them at this art exhibition. In addition to siporex blocks, visitors will also witness the remarkable creativity brought to life using everyday objects like peeling knives and polishing paper.”

The exhibition will feature an array of captivating artworks by Murudkar, including Pagdya, Chhota Jiretop, Vrindavan, and Ganpati. Notably, a replica of the Peshwa turban, created for the film ‘Bajirao-Mastani,’ will also be on display. These remarkable pieces have been meticulously crafted using common household tools such as hexa blades, saws, polishing paper, nails, peeling knives (solane), and cutting knives.

The exhibition will showcase these tools, and those interested in learning this medium will have the opportunity to enroll in training sessions after the exhibition concludes.

In addition to Murudkar’s work, the exhibition will also feature the creations of approximately 30 other talented artists, encompassing a diverse range of mediums and paintings.

The Bal Gandharva Kaladalan will host this remarkable exhibition, welcoming visitors from 10 am to 8 pm daily, starting from the 1st of June until the 3rd of June 2023.

Mark your calendars and make sure to visit this exhibition, as it promises to take you on a mesmerizing journey through various artistic expressions and forms.

Shreyas Vange 

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