Bal Bharati-Paud Phata Link Road : Pune citizens come forward to Save Vetal Tekdi

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It is assumed that over 4000 residents of Pune city took part in the Save Vetal Tekdi Walk organized to oppose the proposed Bal Bharati Paud Phata Link road. The residents opposed construction of the Bal Bharati-Paud Phata Link road which has one road and two tunnels. The Vetal Tekdi Bachav Kruti Samiti has also demanded that Vetal Tekdi be designated a zero-development zone and a natural heritage site.

To raise awareness about the issue, various political parties and social organisations participated in the walk and chanted slogans from Vetalbaba Chowk to Khandekar Chowk today, ‘Save Vetal tekdi’ , ‘Save Pune Heritage’ ‘Save mother nature’ citizens holding posters.

The Vetal Hill Rescue Action Committee (Vetal Tekdi Bachao Kruti Samiti) has been working tirelessly to protect the hill and its surroundings from any developmental activities that could harm the ecosystem. The committee believes that the proposed BB-PP link road and tunnels will have detrimental impact on the hill and its natural surroundings. which are of utmost importance for the city’s biodiversity.

“Today we had gathered here to walk and spread awareness message among more people to save Vetal tekdi. And we hope this today’s protest will change in the mindsets of government to change the decision,” said Vaibhav Dole, resident of Pune.

“The walk received an overwhelming response to in spite of rains. Politicians should take a note that this road will create a big hazard to the eco system of the area and further affect the citizens,” said Akshay Daman, another Pune resident who participated in the walk.”

“Over 4 thousand people participated in the walk and we hope today’s walk will spread the message to the decision makers about the strong opposition shown by the residents.”, said Sushma Date.

“Large participation was seen today in the walk which indicates that people dont want development but not at the cost of destruction of the tekdis. We have very few tekdis left in the city, infact the city administration should strengthen the public transport,” said Harshad Abhyankar from Save Pune Traffic Movement.

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